Be The Momentum's Instructional Video Series are all-inclusive online training courses for slappers (or coaches) looking to take their game to the next level. Led by two of the game's top slapping instructors, each course offers in-depth insight into fundamental mechanics, soft slapping versus hard slapping, mental decision-making and more.

The demonstrations and practical knowledge were great.
— Coach, 2018
It was exactly what we needed.
— Parent of a slapper, 2018

Course 1: Start with a Solid Foundation - Fundamentals

In this 40-minute course, Be The Momentum’s Emily Allard and Kristin Scharkey take you through the proper fundamentals of slapping, from footwork to starting position in the batter’s box. You will learn the correct mechanics behind the three tools of slapping - soft slap, hard slap and bunting - and the strategies behind each tool. Plus, bonus drills and live demos! Only 25 spots available for the first round of 30-day access!

Video 1: Footwork

Here, we debunk the common misconceptions about slapping fundamentals, beginning with where to start in the box. Learn about the correct lower body mechanics to set slappers up for success, even before they hit the ball. Ever been out on a bang-bang play? You’ll want to watch this.

Video 2: Slapping stance

Moving from the lower body to upper body, understand the proper positioning for slappers no matter which tool they use. Elbow mechanics and core engagement are crucial to executing any slap, and we’ll teach you exactly how those pieces fit together.

Video 3: Soft slap

Be The Momentum teaches three tools for slappers, and this is the first to utilize in your arsenal. How slappers “get on top” is a crucial key to the soft slap and we’ll talk about the correct bat angle and contact point as well as when and how to use it. This tool is crucial in opening up holes and putting pressure on the defense.

Video 4: Hard slap

One of the most misunderstood aspects of slapping, this tool is broken down to teach you the correct fundamentals such as bat angle, contact point, target and swing. Learn to utilize this slap as a complementary skill to your full swing, as opposed to a fusion between the two.

Video 5: Bunting

Slappers should be showing bunt at least once a game, but it’s often one of the most under-practiced skills (yet always expected to be perfect!). Here, we’ll go through hand and barrel position, as well as incorporating the bunt as a lethal weapon instead of just a sacrifice.


Course 2: Practice Makes Perfect - Drills (COMING IN 2018!)

Still putting your slappers through hitting drills and expecting them to get better? Tired of using the same slapping drills over and over? This course is for you. Here, you’ll gain access to even more drills than the ones provided in Course 1, all spanning proper form and technique.