Slapper Video Evaluation


Slapper Video Evaluation


Slappers, are you stuck? Not sure what adjustment to make? Coaches, is your slapper struggling with a specific skill? Unsure how to fix it? Or, are you simply looking to take your game to the next level?

We can help. Be The Momentum's Slapper Video Evaluations offer players and coaches the chance to receive feedback from two of the game's top slapping instructors, Emily Allard and Kristin Scharkey.

A 3.5% credit card processing fee is applied to all orders.

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How it works: You send us a one-minute video, focusing on one tool (soft slap, hard slap or bunt), and we’ll respond with feedback within two weeks.

What to expect: A detailed report on eight slapping fundamentals, proposed adjustments and a personalized video response of our primary, suggested adjustment.

To put us in the best position to help you:

  • Your video must be one minute or less, and focus on one tool (soft slap, hard slap or bunt).
  • Your video can include live at-bats from games, tee work, drill work, front toss or machine reps.
  • We prefer a horizontal viewing window (please hold your camera sideways when recording).

You will receive further instructions from Be The Momentum after purchasing this product. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I submit multiple videos, all totaling less than one minute?

No, you may only submit one video. You can edit together multiple swings (from games, practices, lessons, etc.)  into one video. Or, you can film a slapper (during one at-bat, off a tee, front toss, etc.) for 60 seconds and send it in.

Can I submit a video of a soft slap, hard slap and bunt, so you can assess the entire skill set of a slapper?

In order for us to provide thorough feedback, your video must only feature one tool. This allows us to gain a much more accurate understanding of your approach so we can give you individualized adjustments. If you wish to receive feedback on multiple tools, feel free to purchase multiple evaluations.

What if I want to send a live at-bat of an unsuccessful soft slap, where I showed bunt on the previous pitch?

That’s fine! For in-game at-bats, we’ll send feedback on the tool used to put a ball in play.

The video I want to send has a vertical viewing window. Can I still submit it?

While we prefer a horizontal viewing window (where the camera is held sideways when recording), we will accept videos taken with a vertical viewing window.

What if I send in a video that doesn’t meet these requirements?

We will not review the video and will ask you to re-submit one that meets our requirements. This is in the slapper’s best interest, as we want to ensure we can assess her skill set accurately.

Can I send you my recruiting video to get your thoughts?

No, we will only review videos that show slappers attempting a specific tool.

How many times can I purchase this product and submit a video?

As many as you’d like! We’re happy to review every tool in your skill set - soft slap, hard slap and bunt - but you’ll need to submit separate videos (and make separate purchases).

After I receive your assessment, can we schedule a phone call to discuss it?

Due to a high volume of Slapper Video Evaluations (and our full-time jobs), we are unable to provide personalized phone calls in addition to your purchased assessment. We will try to be as clear and concise as possible in our evaluation, so that you walk away with a solid understanding of fundamentals and potential tweaks. Likewise, we are unable to engage in email dialogue once you receive your assessment. At purchase, you agree to these terms with the understanding that further communication requires additional purchase(s).


TERMS OF PURCHASE: This evaluation is intended to provide you with a detailed review of the 60-second footage you submit. We will attempt to be as clear, concise and descriptive as possible in our assessment. Your purchase does not include open dialogue or follow-up discussion after delivery of your personalized feedback. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, and understand that further communication with Emily Allard or Kristin Scharkey will require additional purchase(s). You may view any additional tips, drills and advice on our social media pages. 

REFUND POLICY: We do not offer refunds for Slapper Video Evaluation purchases.