Emily Allard featured on Arrow Living podcast


Be The Momentum co-founder Emily Allard joined Kendall Johnson on The Arrow Living Female Athlete podcast to chat about where she gets her motivation to keep coming back after battling injuries for six years.

“I just don’t think my story is over yet," Emily says. "Like, I want to be in control of the ending and this is not how it’s supposed to end. But at the same time, I’m so out of hope.”

Emily is currently rehabbing a concussion and, according to Kendall, is "refreshingly open about her feelings of hopelessness and uncertainty of returning to play in the future."

Listen below to hear about:

  • how childhood bullying led Emily to fall in love with softball
  • why none of her teammates want to stand behind her in the autograph line
  • the Chicago Bandit’s team culture that let them to back-to-back National Pro Fastpitch championship titles
  • the most unexpected and best place she traveled to with Be The Momentum
  • the gut-wrenching pain of not feeling like a part of the team while being injured and how she manages those feelings
  • her morning routine that must involve a Starbucks run
  • and much, much more!