BTM Takes Encinitas, California

This past weekend, we headed out to Encinitas, CA for our first clinic in southern California! It was a beautiful weekend for some softball, even with the downpour of rain that soaked our intermediate/advanced slapping session. Good thing we were taught that weather is a NON-FACTOR when it comes to being a ball player! 

On Saturday, April 25, we kicked off the day with a beginning/intermediate slapping session filled with athletes who had never slapped! By the end of the afternoon, all of our campers had a firm grip on the fundamentals and were hitting high bounces to shortstop during front toss on the field! We loved being on dirt because it allowed our hitters to envision the defense in front of them, a skill that we hammered home in our intermediate/advanced slapping session. From situational slapping to change-ups, our slappers took their game to the next level. We also hosted a speed/baserunning session in which we focused on quickening our first steps and raising our baserunning IQ. All our speedsters learned the importance of getting rid of "wasted movement," any step that takes their momentum backward instead of forward. 

Finally, we closed out our clinic on Sunday, April 26, with a full afternoon of defensive skill work. Our infielders hammered home their glove work while also working on their flips and throws, while our outfielders learned the art of the do-or-die and improved their drop steps. For an inside look at our Encinitas clinic, check out our gallery full of photos and videos below:

The energy, excitement and knowledge that Emily and Kristin bring to their clinics is refreshing and fantastic. I could see a look of eagerness in the campers’ eyes to learn from Be The Momentum, especially the players that were trying slapping for the first time. I know the girls cannot wait for me to schedule another clinic.
— Steve Indian, President of San Dieguito Youth Softball