BTM Takes Milwaukee, Wisconsin

On March 21-22, Be The Momentum traveled to West Allis, Wisconsin for TWO FULL DAYS of speed, slapping and fielding at the Greenfield Ignitor's Practice Warehouse. On Saturday, athletes from all over Wisconsin developed their speed and baserunning IQ, as well as their slapping skill set. On Sunday, our campers got in a full morning of defensive work at our infield and outfield sessions. For an inside look at the clinic, check out our gallery:

Emily and Kristin put on one of the best clinics I have ever witnessed. They were incredibly accommodating and cooperative in every aspect from our first contact to their final “see you later.” As accomplished athletes, they were able to demonstrate each drill with accuracy and precision; even the simplest tasks they performed were executed like they were in a game. They kept all the girls active and engaged throughout the clinic. They inspired the girls to work hard, succeed and have a great time doing it, and I know a lot of the girls developed a special connection with Kristin and Emily; it was almost impossible for the athletes to say good bye at the end of their sessions. Some even signed up for extra sessions the following day because of what they learned and who they were learning it from. Kristin and Emily were down-to-earth and related so well with all the girls. No matter how large the crowd, they made each athlete feel like they were the only one there – incredible amount of individual attention. What really sets Be the Momentum apart, though, is that you can truly see that Kristin and Emily run these clinics because of their love for the game and strong desire to pass on their knowledge. It’s obvious that their first priority is making sure each athlete gets everything they can out of each clinic. This goes beyond the clinic itself and into maintaining relationships long after the clinic is over. A great example of this is that they remembered not only a player’s name from a previous clinic, but how she performed at that clinic and how much she had improved since they last saw her. It is obvious that they care about each athlete that comes to them. It truly is an honor and a privilege to have been able to work with these two amazing athletes and women. I cannot recommend their clinics highly enough.
— Scott Bauer, President of Greenfield Ignitors