BTM Takes Fairfield, New Jersey

Earlier this month, Be The Momentum kicked off our spring season with our first-ever TWO-DAY clinic at Prodigy Training in Fairfield, New Jersey. On Saturday, March 14, slappers and speedsters of all ages developed their skill sets at our slapping and speed sessions. On Sunday, March 15, we worked with infielders and outfielders on honing defensive fundamentals. For an inside look at the clinic, check out our gallery!

Be The Momentum is definitely the best product any facility can offer. From the minute Kristin and Emily walk in the door, the energy in the facility changes. Their approach to the game is second to none. I sat in my facility and watched young ladies learn and SMILE, which is first and foremost. Beyond the game, these young ladies are role models who provide examples of humility and enthusiasm for every player they come across. I asked one question when it was all said and done: “What drives you guys?” and they responded, “We do it for them. We do it for the smiles.” Thank you Be The Momentum, I truly appreciate what you guys did for Jersey.
— Phil Delgado, Owner of Prodigy Training